LAVA Legacy Products

IEEE 1394 to IDE Interface Controller

IEEE 1394 to PC-Card Adapter

8255 PIO PCI Bus Card

LAVA Async2 Adapter

LAVA Complete 550 Adapter Card

LAVA Complete 550P Adapter Card

LAVA Dual Parallel Bi-Directional Adapter Card

LAVA FireDrive IEEE 1394 Hard Drive Enclosure

LAVA FireHost IEEE 1394 PCI Host Adapter Card

LAVA Kazan USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure

LAVA Parallel ECP/EPP Adapter Card

LAVA Paylink-IP 232 Payment Processign Adapter

LAVA Paylink-IP Dial Payment Processign Adapter


LAVA USB 1.1 PCI Bus Host Adapter Card

LAVA USB 2.0 PCI Bus Host Adapter Card