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LAVA Computer MFG is a leading provider of smart connectivity solutions boards. Our expertise in making better communications products hinges on our core philosophy: make it simple, reliable, and configurable. We engineer and manufacture serial port interfaces for POS, computer, industrial, and many other markets.


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LAVA PCI 2 port RS-232

Support for Serial Cards

LAVA Dual Parallel-PCI

Support for Parallel Cards

Ether Serial Link 4-RJ45

Support for Ethernet to Serial Device Servers

ISA Bus I/O card

Support for ISA Bus I/O Cards

USB Serial Links

Support for USB Serial Links


Support for DataTap-IP

LAVA HQ-ST Link Systems

Support for HQ-ST Link Systems

POS Serial Splitter

Support for POS Serial Port Splitter

USB Host and Charging Adapter

Support for USB Host and Charging Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Tab

LAVA Paylink-IP

Support for PayLink-IP and other Legacy Products