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SimulCharge™ allows your tablet or smartphone, to charge while simultaneously interacting with USB accessories

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eSynC P2UE with RBM

Powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), the eSynC P2UE is an Enterprise SimulCharge adapter that provides select USB-C mobile devices with simultaneous charging and access to data. In addition to PoE, it has Ethernet and two USB-A ports for peripherals.

It features LAVA’s Network Recovery & Battery Modulation (RBM) technology, which safeguards the mobile device’s wired network connection and provides overcharge protection, making it ideal for use in 24/7 applications.


New Product


The nSynC-Staging is a special project adapter developed for tablet staging. With this SimulCharge adapter, you can simultaneously charge up to four USB-C mobile devices, while giving them access to a wired Ethernet connection to access software and updates.

The adapter offers an OTG mode to allow mobile devices incompatible with SimulCharge to run on battery power as they access the network connection to download the apps the devices require.

nSynC-Staging SimulCharge™

Make your mobile device last longer
with Battery Modulation

Protect your tablet or smartphone from overcharging and battery bloating, allowing it to run efficenctly 24/7

Explore the differences between LAVA's two forms of Battery Modulation: RBM integrated in our top-tier e Series adapters, and CABM found in our mid-tier plug-and-play u Series adapters

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