Legacy Products


LAVA 2SP-550

ISA Bus I/O Cards

LAVA ISA bus I/O boards offer a generous selection of IRQ and COM settings, to minimize the possibility of conflicts in resource allocation — ideal for systems where manual setting of IRQ and COM addresses is a must.



LAVA DataTap-IP provides a ‘pass-through’ data route to any RS-232 serial peripheral, while also sending that data over Ethernet to any IP target. Popular for sending POS transaction data simultaneously to both a serial printer and a DVR for video keying.

LAVA USB Serial Link

USB Serial Links

The serial ports of the LAVA USB-Serial Link look and act precisely like they are built into your computer: they appear right alongside other serial ports in Windows’ Device Manager.

LAVA HQ Plus 30

HQ-ST Links

LAVA’s HQ-ST Link system creates a dedicated high-speed Internet connection between your polling PC and remote cash registers or POS stations. It is designed from the ground up to provide the simplest configuration and most secure connections.

LAVA POS Port Splitter

POS Serial Splitter

The LAVA POS Serial Port Splitter provides serial port splitting, plain and simple. This capability can enable a POS station with just one serial port to take inputs from two serial peripherals without conflicts. The EPOS station provides the logic to distinguish serial data sources.