How self-service can help the healthcare industry

By: Adam Swimmer

4 Min Read

December 6, 2022

The self-service tech industry is booming. According to Prescient & Strategic Intelligence, the self-service technology market is expected to grow from US$33.1 billion in 2021 to $76.78 billion in 2030. Understandably, much of this business will be through ATMs and retail stores. However, lessons can be learned here that you can apply to other industries, such as healthcare.

Allows for contactless interactions

Over the last couple of years, COVID and other outbreaks have pushed many industries to decrease person-to-person interactions. As Kiosk Marketplace reports, contactless payment in retail has grown considerably since COVID-19. However, this can be even more important in healthcare, especially hospitals where many people may already be infected or compromised. Providing a self-service kiosk to check into the hospital can better protect both patients and staff. Just make sure the kiosks are sanitized on a regular basis.

Self-service helps with staff shortages

As we have seen in the last few years, many U.S. businesses have had trouble filling positions, especially ones that aren’t remote. Just as a self-checkout kiosk can reduce the number of human cashiers needed in a store, a self-check-in kiosk at a hospital or other healthcare facility can reduce the number of staff needed at reception. They can be freed up to do other administrative work at the hospital.

Self-service can improve the overall experience

Retail customers are already fans of self-service kiosks. Zebra Technologies Corp.’s 15th Annual Global Shopper Study found that half of customers prefer to use a self-checkout kiosk, which is an increase of 19% since 2019. They are known to reduce wait times and can lead to better interactions. An in-store information kiosk, for example, can help you find what you’re looking for when no staff are available. Similarly, in a hospital setting, self-check-in kiosks will speed up the patient registration process. The patient rooms could also be fitted with kiosks to provide information about their treatment. This kiosk could also allow them to do other things, such as control smart devices (e.g. curtains, TVs) from their bed and to communicate with doctors and staff.

LAVA adapters have been incorporated into self-service kiosks in retail, healthcare and other industries. We will have a booth at the upcoming Self-Service Innovation Summit, which runs from Dec. 14-16 in Hollywood, FL. If you’re in attendance, stop by booth 6 for a chat or click here to book a one-on-one consultation with our technical sales engineer Rostyk Wynnyckyj.

LAVA Blog Highlight: Improve Your Information Kiosk

Improving your tablet-based information kiosk

An information kiosk is a great way to keep patrons informed. It can be placed in a mall concourse, providing a list of stores and a map with their locations. In the lobby of an office building, it can feature a directory of companies and people inside.

Many information kiosks are turnkey systems. However, a more dynamic and cheaper setup can be achieved with an Android tablet and a LAVA SimulCharge adapter.

Read this article for more on how to improve your tablet-based information kiosk.

Developments in the Mobile Industry

LAVA at Self-Service Innovation Summit

LAVA has a booth at the Self-Service Innovation Summit at The Diplomat Beach Resort Hotel in Hollywood, FL., from Dec. 14 to Dec. 16. Focusing on the changing landscapes of vending, kiosks and mobile technology, the summit will be exploring solutions in various industries, including retail, hospitality and transportation. Meanwhile, we will be showcasing our SimulCharge adapters and their underlying technologies. Find out more about event here.

One UI 5.0 rollout underway for Samsung devices

Samsung has started the rollout for Android 13 alongside the new version of its software overlay, One UI 5.0. In the U.S., a few devices received the update in October. However, in Canada and many other countries, the rollout began this past month – starting with the Galaxy S22 series. To find out more about One UI 5.0, check out Samsung’s website.

SimulCharge Around the World

Map of where SimulCharge adapters have shipped

In November, we are proud to have shipped SimulCharge adapters to customers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Australia.