Get more out of your personal mobile device with SimulCharge™

Our consumer SimulCharge™ adapters allow your tablet or smartphone, to charge while simultaneously interacting with USB accessories.

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SimulCharge™ for Business

LAVA’s Enterprise Series are versatile mobile adapters designed to be used by businesses in permanent and semi-permanent installations, such as tablet-based kiosks, digital signage or staff time clock applications.

Many of these adapters come with additional technologies, such as Battery Modulation (overcharge protection) to extend the mobile device’s lifespan, Network Recovery to provide a reliable wired connection and Docking Detect for permanent and portable kiosk applications.

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LAVA’s consumer SimulCharge™ adapters charge your mobile device with 5V DC power.


Get access to a reliable wired network connection with one of our Ethernet adapters.


Connect to USB peripherals, such as a keyboard and/or mouse for a PC-like experience.


Go portable by running the adapter off the mobile device’s battery.

Featured Product

Charge-Plus LAN HUB

The Charge-Plus LAN HUB is a consumer SimulCharge™ adapter that provides simultaneous charging and access to data to compatible USB-C mobile devices. When not connected to external power, it runs off the mobile device’s battery, allowing for portability.

The adapter features Ethernet connectivity and two USB-A ports for connecting peripherals.

Charge-Plus LAN HUB SimulCharge™

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Charge-Check with CABM

The Charge-Check is a consumer device that protects a mobile device or any other USB device with a lithium-ion battery from overcharging and battery bloating.

It features LAVA’s plug-and-play Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM), also found in LAVA’s Enterprise u Series SimulCharge™ adapters.

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