About LAVA

Message from the President

Ever since my earliest days in engineering, it was my goal to build the highest quality computer products in the industry. Some said I couldn’t do it. So in 1984, I started a company called LAVA – on a dare.

I created LAVA to reflect principles I feel strongly about: intelligent design, in-house manufacturing, vertical integration, and flexibility. Our focus has always been on making rock-solid I/O products at a reasonable price.

As any system builder can attest, most problems with PCs can be directly attributed to poorly designed boards and devices. At the low end, you find nameless manufacturers that are practically unreachable when you need technical support. And on the high-end… well let’s just say some manufacturers offer little value for padded pricing.

For over 39 years, LAVA has been committed to building the world’s most reliable I/O boards and devices, while ensuring that each LAVA product is truly simple to install and use. We back this commitment with the industry-leading LAVA Lifetime Warranty.

But the issue is not just one of warranties. Reliability and simplicity are principles that lie at the heart of LAVA’s engineering philosophy: whether the task involves IP-enabling legacy POS equipment, or managing multiple serial port peripherals across a LAN or WAN, I always approach each new product development project by breaking down complexity into its simplest component parts.

So, by way of example for the engineers reading this message, LAVA treats the Ethernet just like a bus in our Ether-Serial Links: as a means of transporting data from one point to another. Once we understand the simplicity of this principle, building a truly reliable product is just a matter of combining additional ‘building blocks’. Simplicity means reliability. It is because we live by this principle that I can confidently claim that each LAVA solution meets the highest possible standard of technical excellence.

Roman Wynnyckyj,
President and Chief Design Engineer