How the Charge-Plus LAN HUB Can Be Used with Portable POS Systems

By: Adam Swimmer

3 Min Read

9 Jan, 2022

In our blog post “LAVA Provides Charging Solution for Portable Tractor Guidance System,” we looked at how one of our Home series adapters – the TL-002R SimulCharge USB adapter – was used to create a tablet-charging solution for a tractor-based guidance system. Despite being designed for consumer use, these adapters have other commercial applications as well. This article looks at how the Charge-Plus LAN HUB could be used by a POS technology company that provides point-of-sale systems to bars and outdoor events and festivals.

The POS technology company sells its tablet-based system in an enclosure – complete with software – for use in bars and outdoor venues. Its POS system includes RFID payment technology for a cash-free, contactless experience.  The company can provide bracelets with RFID chips, which can be used for accessing areas, or purchasing items.

The POS system was also designed to be portable so it could be used in multiple locations at festivals. For this reason, the company required an adapter that could offer both SimulCharge (where the tablet remains USB Host while it charges) and OTG (where the tablet would power the peripherals) as the POS system might not always be near a power source.

LAVA’s solution was the Charge-Plus LAN HUB. The adapter offers a consistent and reliable network connection for mobile devices via its 10/100-capable Ethernet port. It comes with two USB A-type ports for peripherals and is capable of OTG mode, so it can be powered by the tablet’s battery when there’s no electrical outlet nearby. When it is plugged into a power source, the adapter switches to SimulCharge mode, where the tablet can charge while still providing access to the peripherals. The adapter can use the USB-C charging cable that ships with a mobile device.

Adding the Charge-Plus LAN HUB to the client’s enclosure creates a versatile POS solution. In stationary setups, such as bars, the POS system can be plugged into the wall and the adapter would initiate SimulCharge mode. Where available, the HUB’s Ethernet port can be used for a wired network connection. This would allow for a reliable signal to download software updates from the internet, or for accessing  an internal network.

For times requiring portability, such as outdoor venues, where it is difficult to plug the system in, the tablet can run in OTG mode and provide power to the peripherals. The RFID scanner would take up one USB port but the LAN HUB provides a second port for additional USB peripheral, such as a printer or credit card reader. 

Running on battery power, the POS system can be set up anywhere throughout the venue, whether it be at the gate to scan bracelet wearers for admission or at the beer tent for concertgoers to buy refreshments. When the tablet is about to run out of power, the adapter allows the unit to be charged while remaining in use. The tablet systems can be hot swapped between static and mobile locations within the venue – with no downtime needed.

The Charge-Plus LAN HUB provides an integrated OTG/SimulCharge solution for a portable POS system. Its two USB ports allow for an RFID scanner and a second POS peripheral and, where the infrastructure is available, its Ethernet port provides a reliable wired network connection, making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors.