PARTNER HIGHLIGHT: SONIFI Health Patient Door Sign Tablet Kiosk

By: Jack Vanden Broek

2 Min Read

26 Mar, 2020

With all the recent changes to life surrounding #COVID19, we would like to highlight our healthcare partners’ solutions that are critical to patients and healthcare workers to keep them safe and informed. SONIFI Health’s Digital Door Signs display the most important patient information where it’s needed most. These signs empower staff with critical information before they enter the patient’s room – Andy Anderson, Director of Product Management at SONIFI Health.

Digital door signs are mounted directly outside patients’ doorways, displaying pertinent details pulled directly from the EHR system. The information incorporated onto the signs can eliminate the need to manually post status papers, isolation cards and precaution signs by each room. Displaying care team members helps simplify shift changes and coordinate care more efficiently.

The SONIFI Health Digital Door Signs display the following information: 

  • Patient information (MRN or preferred name, privacy flag & preferred language)
  • Care team (Up to four employee listings)
  • Alerts & precautions ( Isolation status, NPO, fall risk & allergies)
  • Room information ( number & unit name)
  • Date & time

The OEM hardware used in this solution to enable LAN and PoE charging at the same time is called LAVASync+ PE. The kiosk is able to securely connect via a wired network to the EHR system to display up-to-date patient information on the SONIFI Patient Digital Door Sign. The PoE charging simplifies the cabling and eliminates the burden with the installation of dedicated power outlets. The built-in Battery Modulation technology protects the tablet battery from overcharging and prolongs battery lifespan to 5 years. The LAVASync+ PE adapter enabled the most secure, compliant, and lasting healthcare solution built by SONIFI Health to offer cutting edge technology to our healthcare industry. 

Read more about SONIFI Health Digital Door Sign or visit our website to see how LAVA can help you with your next tablet kiosk project.