The Value of Product Testing

By: Jack Vanden Broek

2 Min Read

8 Mar, 2021

LAVA adapters are built to last. When customers choose LAVA, what they are really choosing is reliability.

Defects and occasional errors are an inevitable part of manufacturing. No matter how good your production control is, errors such as solder misalignment, defective PCB’s or malfunctioning IC chips are bound to occur. LAVA’s reputation is built on ensuring every aspect of our product, from design, to manufacturing, to function is bulletproof. This is why we put so much emphasis on thoroughly testing our products before they leave our doors.

Quality control of complex, mass produced products is often done using sample testing. The concept behind this method requires taking a randomly selected, but statistically significant sample set of identical products and comprehensively checking if they work. The sample set must be random to ensure it is an unbiased representation of the total number of manufactured units. The sample set failure rate is determined once the sample units are tested. From this point, mathematical formulas are used to express the failure rate of the whole batch.

So what makes LAVA different?

At LAVA we physically test every unit before it moves to final assembly. Physical testing means that a LAVA employee tests each individual unit by hand. This testing method allows us to catch errors right off the production line. For example, to test if the USB ports/hub on our boards work, we use a mouse because we know that mice have native support (native driver) in Android and will always work. If the mouse does not work, we know something is wrong and can put the board aside for debug and repair. We run each board through our proprietary testing program to replicate every function the device would be expected to perform out in the real world.

Reliability always pays off in the long run. When devices or their required components fail, there are a number of hidden costs that accompany returning, repairing, and replacing them. Often adapters are installed in difficult to access spaces and personnel must be hired to retrieve them, then a short term solution must be enabled until the original device is repaired or replaced. History has shown time and time again that the whole replacement process often costs more than the original purchase itself.

At LAVA we have decades of experience and expertise that uphold our commitment to reliability. If an adapter has our name on it, you know it works.

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