Trade Shows: How We Interact With The World

By: Jack Vanden Broek

3 Min Read

17 Mar, 2021

Trade shows are an integral part of business at LAVA. They are where we meet our partners, potential customers, and industry peers to showcase the products and solutions we have to offer. As such, in pre-COVID-19 times, this is when our team would be participating in trade shows all over the world.

Since our SimulCharge based products have a wide range of applications and use cases, we tend to tailor our booths and pitches based on the show we are attending. This is a logical approach – as the needs of customers within industries such as transportation, will be different from those in healthcare or hospitality. Yet LAVA has adapters that fit the needs of them all (in some cases they may be the same adapter).

This dynamic divergence of needs and products is best illustrated using two of LAVA’s devices, one equipped with Ethernet and USB peripheral capabilities (SynC+ 2UE) and the other with one of our flexible power options, and USB peripheral capabilities (SynC+ vc3U). On the surface they are very similar, in that both support SimulCharge as standard, have our signature RBM (Recovery & Battery Modulation) technology and are the same form factor – in fact they use the same ABS casing. However they tend to occupy niches in completely different industries; the SynC+ 2UE is often used by our retail, hospitality, and healthcare customers while the SynC+ vc3U is often utilized in the transportation sector.

So what is it about these adapters that suit them towards these different industries?

Ethernet enables connection to both internal and external networks (intranet and internet). In the context of healthcare, hospital staff access patient registries via internal networks. Whereas in retail environments, POS systems require a data connection to process payments and update inventory databases – often reaching beyond their internal networks to do this. Though the context varies for both industries, their need for a reliable and secure network connection is the same, placing our Ethernet capable adapters, like the SynC+ 2UE, front and center.

In the transportation industry the needs are different. Mobile devices are often mounted on a dashboard for displaying and tracking information while remaining plugged in. For example, commercial vehicles require an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) with this kind of setup so drivers can monitor and record their hours on the road. A VC (voltage converter) power option is helpful because it converts 12-24 volt (depending on the vehicle) power from a vehicle’s electrical system to 5 volts that mobile devices and peripherals require. So an adapter that prevents overcharging and powers multiple USB devices with a single connection to a vehicle would make for a convenient and low cost solution for a trucking or logistics company.

But where might one product serve multiple industries – and thus have a similar pitch at varying trade shows?

Well for that answer we should take a look at the SynC+ 1U OEM. OEM adapters have no casing and are as small as possible so they can be integrated into existing enclosures and spaces. Plus, they don’t require custom tooling or rework by customers, VAR’s or system integrators. The versatility of the SynC+1U OEM as a component, within a system, and the ease with which it can be kept out of view is common across industries, and we emphasize these advantages across trade shows accordingly. 

At the end of the day, if a company is using mobile devices (tablets and phones) for their business needs there is a good chance they would benefit from using LAVA’s adapters.

If you are curious whether we will be attending a particular trade show, please contact us via our website at https:/ or call at 416-674-5924