Updated A is For…

By: Rostyslaw Wynnyckyj

3 Min Read

12 Apr, 2021

The tech world tends to use a lot of acronyms, and LAVA is no exception. But the challenge with acronyms is that if their meanings are unclear it becomes very hard to understand what is being discussed.

Below is an updated reference guide of LAVA’s naming conventions, and the product attributes they are associated with.

Product Tiers

n = normal – SimulCharge with Docking Detect

u = upgraded – SimulCharge with Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM)

e = enhanced – SimulCharge with Battery Modulation and Network Recovery (RBM)

Product Families

LTS = Lenovo Tablet SimulCharge

STS = Samsung Tablet SimulCharge

nSynC = SimulCharge for USB-C        

eSynC = SimulCharge for USB-C with RBM

Battery Technologies

BM = Battery Modulation

CABM= Continuously Active Battery Modulation

RBM = Recovery & Battery Modulation

Product Configurations

#U = Number of USB Ports available on the adapter

E = Ethernet port is present (RJ45 connector)

P = Power over Ethernet capable adapter (through RJ45 connector)

OEM (LAVA) = LAVA OEM products are board only units with no casing

vc = Voltage Converter

Additional Acronyms

SimulCharge: A technology developed by LAVA that allows select mobile devices to operate as an USB Host Controller, while being simultaneously charged.

OTG= USB On-The-Go is a specification that allows USB devices to act as a USB host. It is not the same as SimulCharge

PoE: Power over Ethernet

OEM (General) = Original Equipment Manufacturer

USB-C PD = USB C Power Delivery

MDM = Mobile Device Management Solutions

We hope this reference guide serves as a useful tool to understand what LAVA products are and what they are capable of accomplishing.