Welcome Back to the LAVA Blog

By: Jack Vanden Broek

1 Min Read

1 Mar, 2021

There are few things in life that are certain, but one certainty that affects everyone is change. Since the pandemic began people, organizations, and entire industries around the globe have had to adapt to a very uncertain world and find unorthodox solutions to succeed.

Here at LAVA, we have experienced a number of changes, but our mission to transform, economize and improve businesses with our unique solutions has remained constant. 

Like LAVA’s suite of technologies, our team is unique. Our ability to think differently enables us to create innovative and reliable solutions for tablets.

As with 2020 we expect this year to come with its challenges, its highs and lows, and as always we embrace them with open arms. Overcoming obstacles is what we do best. Throughout LAVA’s 36 year history our greatest challenges have inspired our greatest innovations, designs, and fuelled our growth as a company.

We look forward to connecting with you in the coming months, sharing stories, announcements and engineering insights from our team.