Privacy Policy (for the LBI application)

Last Updated: October 27, 2022

The LBI (LAVA Battery Information) application v2.07 to v4.02 does not collect any personal data.

The LBI application was developed as an in-house test tool at LAVA Computer MFG Inc. This application reports the battery charging current and the standard Android Battery information. A “Charge State” is also evaluated by the application in place of the Android Battery Status.

An optional log file can be enabled by the user for recording battery charge information. The log file is intended only for the user of the tablet. The log file is located in the Download folder. The device Serial Number, Model Number, and Build are recorded in the battery log file. Many LTE devices present only the IMEI Number. The name of the log file incorporates the serial number or IMEI number depending on availability. The log file is a simple human readable ASCII (UTF8) file. The log file is further described in the application help menu.

The “phone status and identity” is accessed only to read the IMEI Number of the device for storage in the user enabled log file of battery statistics.

The program requires permission to access the USB storage to record entries in the user enabled log file of battery statistics. An optional LBI.ini configuration file in the Device Storage root folder is used to set additional debug features in the application. The LBI.ini file is a read-only file. The debug features never involve the retrieval or access to personal information. A typical debug feature used for in-house development is one in which Android Toast messages are displayed to help test program flow.

The entries from the Settings Menu use the protected storage region.

The log file is not accessible remotely by LAVA Computer MFG Inc. Any user installed application which supports remote access would potentially have access to the log file. The log file is not deleted when the application is deleted.

The LBI (LAVA Advanced Battery Information) application and documentation are owned by LAVA Computer MFG Inc, Copyright © 2022. The contact information LAVA Computers can be found at The LBI application can be freely used by customers working with the STS-** family of devices. However, this is not an open source application and has not been put in the public domain.

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