Get PC Functionality Out of Your Tablet with the Charge-Plus LAN HUB

By: Adam Swimmer

3 Min Read

July 7, 2023

When you go out of town for business or for fun, there’s a good chance you’re bringing a laptop with you. However, even slim laptops can be bulky if you’re carrying them around.

Often, it’s much easier to bring a tablet. Tablets are lighter, easier to carry and take up less space. Normally, a tablet has limited functionality compared to a laptop. However, you can rectify this with LAVA’s Charge-Plus LAN HUB. This portable adapter helps you get PC functionality out of your tablet.

How the Charge-Plus LAN HUB can help

Some more in-depth tasks might require more than just a touchscreen. This is where the small, yellow OTG adapter featuring two USB-A ports for peripherals as well as an Ethernet port for a wired network connection can help.

With this adapter, you can add USB accessories, such as a travel keyboard and mouse. This allows you to write and edit documents or spreadsheets with the same ease as doing it on a desktop PC. The Ethernet connection also gives you a more reliable network connection than Wi-Fi. Similar to a laptop, you can use the tablet and adapter on battery power (OTG mode) or when connected to external power (SimulCharge mode). In SimulCharge mode, the adapter provides compatible tablets with simultaneous charging and data.

Great option for meetings

If you are giving a presentation or even just attending one, files may need to be distributed to the participants. The files could be copied onto a USB memory stick, which could be transferred to a tablet via the Charge-Plus LAN HUB. Once you have transferred the files, you can put the adapter away in your bag (or pocket because it is that small) and continue using the tablet as normal.

Alternatively, if you have access to a network switch in the conference room, you could connect the tablet to a wired Ethernet connection, so the tablet could access a cloud server to download or upload any large files needed for the presentation. It would be a much faster and stable connection than accessing the server through Wi-Fi. You could also use the connection to send a document to a printer on the same network.

If you are on a video conference call instead of in an in-person, the Charge-Plus LAN HUB can still be useful. Here, you would still likely connect via Ethernet if possible for a more reliable connection for the video call. The USB-A ports could be used to attach a headset for cleaner audio and a webcam to improve the picture quality of your own video if the camera on the tablet is lacking.

The possibilities are endless

These are just a few of the possibilities of how you can use the Charge-Plus LAN HUB with your tablet for work. Ultimately, you can attach almost any two USB accessories to the adapter you imagine. As long as Android recognizes the peripheral, the tablet will be able to communicate with it through the adapter and you’ll get an advanced experience out of your tablet (without the cost, bulkiness, or hassle of a laptop).

To learn more about the Charge-Plus LAN HUB, check out the website or contact sales at or 416-674-5942.

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