Heavy-Duty Connected Forklift Solution Powered by LAVA

By: Jack Vanden Broek

3 Min Read

13 Dec, 2018

Streamlining Productivity and Efficiency at Warehousing and Manufacturing Facilities

The traditional stationary and inflexible computers used to power warehouse forklifts are becoming a thing of the past. Mobile technologies are overtaking warehouses and manufacturing facilities; quite simply they are easy to use and more efficient. The key factors influencing companies to switch from legacy systems to affordable mobile solutions include enabling the streamlining of inventory management, staff time clock systems, and efficient data collections, and that’s where the LAVA – Samsung – Proclip connected forklift solution comes in.

Mobile Forklift Solution that Expands Functionality as you Grow

When working in harsh environments, it’s crucial to choose the right equipment and technology to secure optimal warehousing or manufacturing system deployment.

Our connected forklift application offers a vibration-resistant Samsung Tab Active 2 solution that can be mounted directly to the forklift, power the device via the fork truck battery (optional), and connect up to 3 USB peripherals such as a barcode scanner, NFC reader or full QWERTY keyboard. The tablet connectivity is powered by LAVA’s USB-C LAVASync adapters which enable simultaneous charging and data connectivity. A heavy-duty and secure tablet mounting with a forklift clamp is provided by Proclip, and a ruggedized Samsung Tab Active 2 is used as a friendly user interface for operators and a complex data collection tool.

Our rugged all-in-one solution is designed for forklifts, pallet jacks, or other warehouse tools. In fact, the same mounting can even be used as a stationary wall tablet application with enabled Ethernet/PoE connectivity for even more secure and reliable data collection.

Our connected forklift solution can be used in the following warehouse management activities:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • RFID-based assets tracking
  • Inventory management barcode scanner data retrieval
  • QS/QA and Damage Documentation
  • NFC reader based Staff Time Attendance Clocks
  • Warehouse Order Management (packing, shipping, receiving)
  • Maintenance and Repairs Management

Saving Money and Time while Driving More Efficient Results

Implementing the forklift or wall mounted tablet solution increases the efficiency of forklift operators while optimizing the time spent on warehouse management operations. Faster processing speed, improved and flexible hardware, network connectivity and reliable functioning during extreme vibrations, are all of the benefits of this unique mobile solution. Explore the LAVA-Samsung-Proclip forklift solution to ensure your mobile investment’s durability and facilitate uninterrupted workflows with accuracy and efficiency in warehousing or manufacturing operations.



Rugged vibration resistant Samsung tablet enabling complex data collection.


Built-in adapter with simultaneous data & charging (up to 3 x USBs for peripherals; wired network; fork truck battery powered)


Heavy-Duty and secure tablet mounting with forklift clamp.


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