Hospitals and Clinics Patient Check-in Tablet Kiosk

By: Jack Vanden Broek

2 Min Read

24 Mar, 2020

With Check-In Kiosks, patients can now swipe their health cards at a kiosk stand in order to check-in, review and update their demographics, complete forms and even change their status to “arrived” in the EMR.

The kiosk can streamline check-in, reduce the burden on front-desk staff, and make it easy to ensure patient data is kept up-to-date and accurate.  With the easy-to-use health card swipe, patients can automatically load any administrative forms, email consent, clinic reminders and more.

Using the patient’s check-in kiosk also minimizes the exposure of healthcare workers to patients with contagious diseases. Adding an antibacterial screen protector to the kiosk prevents the touch screen from being contaminated with germs and bacteria while reducing health risk amongst patients.

Offering a win-win solution to hospitals and walk-in clinics where the patient can check-in by swiping a health card and log patient’s data shows that tablet kiosks can help with keeping patients informed without staff intervention.

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