Introducing the uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI!

By: Adam Swimmer

2 Min Read

1 Dec, 2021

Developed as a special project for a medical company, the uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI are small, easily portable adapters that provide simultaneous charging and data, have Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM) technology and one USB-A port.

The white uSynC-1U is designed to work with select USB-C Samsung devices, while the blue uSTS-1U MINI works with compatible Micro USB mobile devices.

CABM is a plug-and-play form of battery modulation that protects a device from overcharging, extending the overall lifespan of its battery. It also protects against battery bloating where the battery actually swells and can cause severe damage to the mobile device.

The uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI also feature a USB-A port for a peripheral, such as a scanner or mouse.

Check out the Special Projects section on LAVA’s website to find out more about the uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI.