LAVA Launches LTS Connectivity Adapters for Lenovo Tablet-based Systems Tablets

By: Jack Vanden Broek

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24 Apr, 2020

LAVA releases a breakthrough line of LTS connectivity adapters for Lenovo Tablets to enable multi-faceted USB/PoE/LAN configurations and smart guarded charging at the same time.

  • SimulCharge, the Lava technology that allows a tablet to be charged while connecting to external peripherals is now available for Lenovo tablets.
  • Configurations include Ethernet, USB Hub, and combinations. Powering options include direct 5V wall charger supply, PoE or extended Power Controller version (VC) for enhanced powering capabilities.
  • Each adapter includes Lava’s proprietary Charge and Battery Modulation (CABM) technology that monitors the charging characteristics of the tablet and modulates the charging cycle to ensure that the battery is never over charged. This technology increases battery life span by a minimum of 3 fold and is indispensable for 24/7 operation.

Toronto, Canada, April 24, 2020 – LAVA Computer MFG Inc., a Canadian based manufacturer of interfaces for mobile devices and computers, has released its new line of Lenovo Tablet SimulCharge (LTS) connectivity adapters developed for tablet-based systems. Thoughtfully designed for the evolving demand of new tablet configurations, LAVA’s latest LTS products provide powerful new ways to connect, create, and protect tablet-based hardware applications operating 24/7.

SimulCharge and CABM Technology: Fuelling Tablet Connectivity and Charging

LAVA SimulCharge Technology

With LAVA’s plug-and-play SimulCharge (Host/OTG Charge) mode built into LTS adapters, the tablet is not limited to a single USB port but expanded into a gateway for connecting multiple USB peripherals, wired Ethernet and simultaneous charging via Power over Ethernet (PoE), AC/DC adapter or a tablet Micro USB charger.  

LAVA’s exclusive Charge and Battery Management (CABM) technology keeps the tablet battery protected from overcharging when powered 24/7, and prolongs tablet’s battery lifespan up to 3 years. This technology allows Lenovo consumer tablets to be used as a commercially viable tablet-based solution. 

Charging and Battery Management (CABM) Technology

LAVA’S LTS Adapters: Turning a Consumer Tablet into a Commercial Tablet System

According to Roman Wynnyckyj, LAVA’s founder and CEO: “The way how users interact with tablets is changing with emphasis on using consumer tablets for commercial tablet kiosk and cradle systems. Enhanced tablet capabilities are more critical than ever to give developers robust tools without limitations.”

As part of this changing landscape, LAVA teamed up with Lenovo to unveil LTS tablet connectivity adapters to fulfill a commitment of expanding SimulCharge and Battery Modulation enabled adapters beyond Samsung compatibility. With over a million LAVA products built into tablet-based systems used in retail, logistics, healthcare, education and government, LAVA products are trusted by resellers, distributors, OEMs and system builders in over 47 countries worldwide.

The LTS SimulCharge and CABM line of adapters is available worldwide at

The LTS Adapters Configurations