LAVA’s Connected Forklift Solution: Combine an eSynC-vc3U with a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

By: Adam Swimmer

3 Min Read

16 Jan, 2022

Previously, we discussed how LAVA’s eSynC-vc3U SimulCharge adapter makes an excellent pairing with a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro (SM-G715) by providing a value-add solution for ELD systems in commercial vehicles.

This article will expand upon the potential of this pairing and offer a use case for forklift applications. LAVA’s forklift solution allows companies to transition from expensive legacy systems to a cost-effective, ruggedized mobile option that expands forklift operator capabilities and streamlines daily activities such as inventory management, staff time clock systems, and data collection on a single device.

When mounted on a forklift, the eSynC-vc3U provides simultaneous charging and data connection to the XCover Pro via a USB-C cable while enabling access to up to three USB peripherals. The adapter’s built-in voltage converter – the VC in the eSynC-vc3U name – steps down the forklift’s 12V power source to a mobile device-friendly 5V.  If so desired, the adapter can even be directly wired into a forklift, making it easy to integrate and power – no disassembly or separate power source is required. The adapter’s built-in Battery Modulation technology modulates the charging levels of the XCover Pro in tandem with LTM software installed on the phone. This prevents overcharging and battery bloating while maximizing the phone’s battery lifespan.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a ruggedized smartphone, making it ideal for harsh work environments, such as construction sites and factories. The phone has both an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance and a MIL-STD 810G military specification, meaning it can handle extreme temperatures, shocks and pressures. With a third-party mount, the smartphone can be easily accessed by a forklift operator within the vehicle cab and its durable design ensures that it would survive longer in these kinds of environments compared to other mobile devices on the market. The XCover Pro’s camera includes a built-in scanner that can be used for inventory data management and to track and monitor assets in the warehouse via RFID tags or barcodes. With this phone, warehouse workers can scan multiple barcodes at once as well as documents, receipts, invoices, and work orders to increase their efficiency.

Since a third-party USB scanner is no longer required, all three of the USB ports on the eSynC-vc3U are free for other peripherals, such as an NFC card reader, full QWERTY keyboard, and mouse. For example, with an NFC reader-based punch clock peripheral this solution can be used to keep track of employees’ attendance.

When working in harsh environments, it’s crucial to choose the right equipment and technology to secure optimal warehousing or manufacturing system deployment. The eSynC-vc3U provides a reliable data connection to the XCover Pro, while its voltage converter allows the shock-resistant phone to be powered directly from a forklift’s battery. SimulCharge will ensure the phone never runs out of power and Battery Modulation technology will allow the battery to last beyond its typical lifespan.  

This application increases workplace efficiency while optimizing the time spent on management operations. Faster processing speed, improved and flexible hardware, network connectivity, and reliable functioning during extreme vibrations are all of the benefits of this unique mobile solution. It can also work with pallet jacks and other warehouse tools. Using the eSynC-vc3U and XCover Pro with your forklift will ensure the longevity of your mobile device investment and facilitate uninterrupted workflows with accuracy and efficiency in warehousing or manufacturing operations.