Partner Spotlight: Jolt

By: Adam Swimmer

2 Min Read

August 23, 2023

At LAVA, we like to think of customers as partners. Our goal is to build longstanding relationships with them, which means they are more than just an end point of sale. Here is a look at one of these partners, with whom we have been working for two and a half years – Jolt.

Jolt provides software and hardware to help restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues manage their operations. The Utah-based company does its business all across the U.S. and offers a variety of products including remote sensors, temperature probes, time clocks, employee scheduling, and more. The company’s use cases most often include food safety monitoring, managing daily checklists, and increasing your employees’ productivity.

Jolt’s Date Code Labeling system

Jolt’s initial product was an enclosure for the tablet that could connect to label printers. It was used as a food labelling system, featuring a Lenovo tablet and a LAVA adapter, for when restaurant kitchens had leftovers and the staff avoided unnecessary food waste. Staff either put the leftover food in a freezer or fridge to be used in another dish later. Before storing it away, the food needed to be properly dated with the help of Jolt’s Date Code Labeling system. The tablet is used to track the labels and the setup is automated, which removes human error.

Powered by LAVA

Inside each of Jolt’s enclosures sits a LAVA adapter that allows for the connection between the tablet and label printer. The enclosure uses an OEM nLTS board with either one or three USB-A ports, depending on whether it needs to connect to one or two label printers. The ports are hidden in the bowels of the enclosure so the customer doesn’t see it.

While Jolt’s food labeling system uses the LAVA adapters to connect with label printers, our products are versatile. They can connect the tablet to any USB peripherals. Currently, Jolt’s setup uses micro USB tablets but we will work with them as they upgrade to USB-C devices.

Working in the background

Jolt is a great example of how LAVA can blend into the background in a seamless manner. Our adapters allow for the communication between the tablet and label printers but they stay out of sight. We work together with our customers to ensure our products fit their needs.

To learn more about Jolt, check out their website.

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