VC-OEM: Motorcycle Smartphone Charging Solution

By: Jack Vanden Broek

2 Min Read

18 Jul, 2021

LAVA’s VC-OEM power adapter is designed as a compact charging solution, capable of converting higher-voltage DC power to mobile device friendly levels. It can be used in a variety of environments, including battery based and vehicle applications. But vehicle applications are not just limited to cars and trucks – the VC-OEM can also be used on motorcycles!

The VC-OEM lets you charge your smartphone straight from your bike, with no separate battery packs or charging breaks required. This enables easy access to smartphone functions like LTE data plans, GPS/navigation applications, media players, and more to enhance your riding experience. You can therefore use your smartphone as a convenient substitute to a dedicated third-party device such as a standalone GPS. The VC-OEM works both in isolated or mobile locations, where extension cords or standard power outlets are unavailable. This means that you can charge a device while on or near your motorcycle, as long as the adapter is properly connected to the bike’s battery.

LAVA’s VC-OEM is a universal power adapter that contains a built-in DC-DC voltage converter, enabling the use of various power supplies. This converter takes a power input between 9 and 36 VDC, and steps it down to 5 VDC – the standard power requirement for mobile devices. When charging your device from a standard AC power supply (such as a wall outlet), the cable’s accompanying power brick acts as a voltage converter to attain the 5 Volts 2 Amps suitable for your device. The VC-OEM accomplishes the same thing, but only within DC voltage, expanding your charging capabilities to include battery-based and vehicle applications. Motorcycle batteries, for instance, operate at 12 VDC, so the VC-OEM adapter steps down the power to a device friendly 5 VDC.

Our VC-OEM adapter is also easily integratable with both your smartphone and your motorcycle. The only additional requirement for this system is a single mobile device mount, placed on the motorcycle to hold your smartphone. The adapter’s small form factor allows it to be easily hidden or zip-tied to the bike frame to keep it in place. We recommend you do so underneath the seat to protect the adapter from road or weather conditions, since it does not feature any protective casing. Furthermore, the VC-OEM is also compatible with other 12 or 24V based vehicles including boats and ATVs.

LAVA’s VC-OEM provides a useful adapter solution for enhancing motorcycle trips, keeping you connected as you ride. Stay safe, and stress free en route with convenient smartphone charging, and subsequent access to your smartphone’s LTE and GPS features. If you enjoy long trips or tours on your motorcycle, consider linking the VC-OEM with a LAVA Charge-Check adapter! This will monitor your smartphone charge levels and prevent it from overcharging while on the road, protecting your battery health and longevity. For more information on the VC-OEM, visit our website: