Universal Plug-and-Play Battery Modulation Adapter

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The Charge-Check is a consumer device that protects a mobile device or any other USB device with a lithium-ion battery from overcharging and battery bloating. It features LAVA’s plug-and-play Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM), also found in LAVA’s Enterprise u Series SimulCharge adapters. CABM extends the lifespan of the battery and the device itself.

The Charge-Check also supports 9-volt Fast Charging, provided the device being charged offers the same capability.

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How the Charge-Check Works

The Charge-Check provides overcharge protection through CABM technology to any lithium battery-powered device with a USB charger.

Requiring no software, CABM monitors the mobile device as it charges. When the current slows (indicating the device is near a full charge), the adapter disconnects charging power to the mobile device. The mobile device can still communicate with the USB port, but the mobile device’s battery is allowed to discharge. The length of time between charging cycles can be configured using a black button on the top of the Charge-Check. The device’s discharging time can be set between one and five hours (defaulted at three hours). CABM ensures the device’s battery never overcharges, even if it is left plugged in 24/7. This modulation and overcharge protection helps extend the lifespan of both the battery and device.

The Charge-Check comes in a white plastic casing that protects the electronics from mild shocks and impacts, allowing it to be used in different applications. While designed for personal use, the lightweight and portable Charge-Check can also be used in applications in a 24-hour business environment, such as digital signage, information kiosks or to keep company tablets charged.

Shipped with a Micro USB to USB-A cable, the Charge-Check features both ports and the cable can be used in either of them depending on the user’s device specifications.

Charge-Check Configuration

USB-C/Lightning Connector Devices

If the device charges via USB-C or a Lighting connector, the supplied cable is used in the Charge-Check’s Micro USB port with the USB-A connector plugging into the power source. A second cable (USB-A to USB-C or Lightning) is required to plug into the Charge-Check’s USB-A port with the USB-C/Lightning end plugging into the device.

The Charge-Check also supports USB-C devices capable of Fast Charging. The adapter works with either a 9-volt Fast Charger or a standard 5-volt one.

*It is recommended to use the charging cable that came with the device. A separate power supply is not included.

Micro USB Connector Devices

If the device being charged has a Micro USB port, the Charge-Check configuration is reversible. The supplied cable can be used in either the USB-A or Micro USB port. A second cable is required to plug into the remaining open Micro USB or USB-A port.

*It is recommended to use the charging cable that came with the device. A separate power supply is not included.


System Requirements

Works with any device with a lithium-ion battery that charges over USB



Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM) for mobile device longevity
Support for installations running 24/7
Universal charging capabilities
Fast Charging available (dependent on device being charged)
No mobile device rooting required
LAVA Limited Warranty