Berg Integrates Liquor Control with LAVA ESL

Installation Review: LAVA Ether-Serial Device Servers

Every Drink Poured is Accounted for: Berg Company integrates Liquor Control with LAVA Ether-Serial Links

April 27, 2005 – Forget babysitting the bar. Stop worrying about inventory control. Pour a consistent drink every time. When it comes to control, Berg, the leader in beer and liquor dispensing systems, puts the reins on the bar with fully integrated solutions for capturing beverage pouring transactions with ECRs and POS terminals.

By providing a wide variety of dispensers, Berg helps its customers dramatically reduce their pouring costs. For over 30 years, Berg has successfully helped major sports operations, hotels and casinos, and national chains all increase their profits. And for many individually owned accounts, Berg has been the difference between going out of business and making a profit!

Additionally, by maintaining an open interface spec through which any POS company that chooses to can connect, Berg truly helps its customers become ‘Kings of POS Information.’ Aside from ensuring no one is drinking inventory, over-pouring, or giving away shots, every beverage pouring transaction is captured. Berg equipment links to a POS terminal and relies on serial communication to receive authorization to dispense beverages.

Berg’s Infinity software can be configured to calculate when to re-order or change pricing structure for holidays, such as New Years, or for time of day, such as Happy Hour. It can also automatically turn dispensers on and off and generate sophisticated reports containing timely business information.

By integrating a custom serial device server by LAVA, Berg connects their networked equipment to the Ethernet to communicate to a head or back office PC. Now, such things as consolidating sales reports, automating portion and pricing information for liquor sales, even turning equipment on and off, can be handled remotely.

“We needed to communicate with all our equipment scattered across a property. The LAVA Ether-Serial Link connects our network to Ethernet, allowing our equipment to reliably communicate with a back office PC,” says Ron Faust, Berg Project Engineer. ?If you are a casino, hotel operation, resort, or any operation with several bars scattered across a property, creating the right communications infrastructure with an efficient network is vital to operations.”

“We are happy to partner with LAVA because LAVA partners with us,” continues Faust. ?When our customers call and ask for something, we figure out a way to do it. We are big on support and we got the same sense when we started working with LAVA to find a custom solution.”

About Berg

In the hospitality industry for over 30 years and with installations made at entertainment venues worldwide, Berg equipment controls beverage costs by reducing spillage and controlling portion sizes. Precise and flexible portioning means consistency of drinks, and greater control and accountability over inventory.


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