DJ Never Skips a Beat with LAVA FireDrive

When Ravin Ramkissoon was redesigning his equipment for his disk jockey business, he looked for portability, ease of use, and functionality. Beginning as a DJ in the days of vinyl records, Ravin used to carry as many as 1000 albums and 45s to each event. He was relieved when he was eventually able to move to CDs, then to a laptop with MP3 on its disk drive. With the LAVA FireDrive he uses now makes managing his music easier still.

Inside the FireDrive’s enclosure, Ravin has installed an 80 gigabyte, 7200 rpm hard disk drive that he uses to hold MP3 versions of the music he plays. As Ravin’s MP3s are sampled at the standard 128 kbps, with an average file size of 4 megabytes each, his FireDrive? can hold up to 20,000 songs.

The laptop he pairs with his FireDrive didn’t have the hard drive space he needed. The FireDrive provides an economical way to add storage capacity. Further, the FireDrive lets him play his MP3s with no delays: he can work in real time, with confidence that he will not skip a beat when mixing or switching.

Ravin likes the versatility the FireDrive gives him to exchange and reuse hardware components. His brother, who does video editing, can put his own hard disk into the FireDrive enclosure and record directly from his video camera to the FireDrive. Ravin uses his FireDrive to keep backups of files he creates on his home system.