LAVA Low Profile Parallel-PCI

When Carlos Madiera saw the new IBM NetVista X40 all-in one desktop system, he fell in love with it. “I thought, wow!, what a cool integrated system.” He brought it home and it fit beautifully on his desk, the whole system taking less space than his old monitor had taken by itself. “I’d bought desktop systems before, and sort of assumed the rules hadn’t changed,” he recalls. “When I went to hook up my printer, I realized I was wrong.” Carlos found out that the system he had bought – while bristling with five USB ports – had no serial or parallel ports. And, while it had two PCI slots, he quickly saw that the chassis wouldn’t fit a parallel port card he already had in an old system. “I called my dealer and he said he had a great solution: a LAVA Parallel-PCI/LP low-profile card. I dropped it in and it solved the problem. I really didn’t want to take that sweet little computer back.