LAVA Parallel-PCI: Plug and Play Parallel Port Expansion

Keith Sutton had a simple problem: he purchased a new scanner and now needed a second parallel port on his system. He got a simple and cost-effective solution – the LAVA Parallel- PCI.

“I’ve had Plug and Play cards before, but they didn’t seem to play after I plugged them in,” he remarks.

Keith found installing the LAVA Parallel-PCI card was easy and trouble-free. He installed the card in a free PCI slot in his system, and turned it on. Windows detected the new card and started the “New Hardware Detected” wizard – the Plug and Play part of the whole business. Keith pointed the system to the drivers on the LAVA Installation Disk and the drivers were installed. After rebooting, he had the parallel port he wanted.

“The LAVA Parallel-PCI changed my perception of Plug and Play cards. It went in without a hitch, and hasn’t taken any of my attention since then. The whole idea of Plug and Play, as far as I’m concerned, is installing the card and not giving it another thought.” And, with the LAVA Lifetime Warranty behind his new LAVA Parallel-PCI, he never will.