Penguin Computing Chooses LAVA DSerial-PCI 3.3V

Penguin Computing Chooses LAVA DSerial-PCI 3.3V to complete clustered operating system architecture

Toronto, Ontario, January 31, 2005 – The Life of a LAVA DSerial-PCI 3.3V (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus card is hardly glamorous. Inside a PC, it works diligently to provide the smoothest file transfers between peripherals and PCs to ensure that all of a computer’s intended working parts operate interchangeably, clocking standard and reliable energy-efficient speeds. For a lifetime, its labor of uninterrupted data transfer is warranted and 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.

It wasn’t until Penguin Computing, a leading provider of highly scalable Linux server and cluster solutions needed to find a hardware computer parts manufacturer that could meet its standards for performance, did things get interesting for the LAVA DSerial-PCI 3.3V. Penguin Computing develops high-performance Linux systems and clusters based on Intel? Xeon? and AMD? Opteron technology.

“Penguin Computing designs its products to be the fastest and most reliable. That means we need high performance PCI buses that maintain lower temperatures at high-speed operations,” said Philip Pokorny, Director of Engineering at Penguin Computing. “However, not all our customers need the fastest performance. Some have a greater need for extra serial ports and that’s why the reliability and quality of the LAVA DSerial 3.3V is a great match for our servers. It allows us to be flexible without compromise.”

The LAVA DSerial-PCI 3.3V is the ideal means of adding serial ports to systems with 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X slots while maximizing PCI real estate, IRQs, and COM port resources. The LAVA DSerial-PCI 3.3V‘s voltage output is guaranteed to fully conform to the Centronics Standard and RS 232 specifications.

LAVA Computer MFG headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada, designs and manufactures serial parallel I/O boards and Ethernet-to-serial device servers that are widely used in the Point of Sale, Kiosk, Gaming, Industrial Automation, Hospitality, Security and Access Control industries. With well over a million LAVA products built into workstations, servers, retail POS systems, and industrial computers since 1984, LAVA I/O boards and Ether-Serial Links are trusted by resellers, distributors, OEM’s and system builders in over 47 countries worldwide. Designed for lifetime performance, each LAVA connectivity link is tested by hand and covered by the LAVA Lifetime Warranty.