• minimal to no installation time
  • no static IP address needed at store
  • no modem, phone line, long distance costs
  • no router configuration at store
  • no need for any access to store router
  • transparent to existing ECRs, POS stations, routers
  • transparent to existing polling applications
  • no Windows OS needed at store or head office
  • ST units will restart and reconnect to HQ automatically
  • store ECRs can be remotely managed
  • ST units can be set up using a number of methods:
  • through the ST unit serial port
  • using HTTP at store
  • at head office
  • using a set-up server
  • no need to have a phone line available for polling access
  • IP connection faster than modem dialing
  • Data transfer faster than modem-to-modem over noisy phone lines
  • HQ-Basic shows all live connections which stores are up, down
  • HQ-ST authentication codes
  • no router holes (port mappings) at store
  • HQ units only talk to ST units
  • ST units only talk to HQ units
  • resistant to denial-of-service attacks
  • head office network is not opened to store (as with a VPN)
  • store unit can be activated to make store tampering impossible
  • no passwords
  • works regardless of number of remote locations
  • ST units’ firmware remotely upgradable

System Requirements

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