Modernize Your Hotel Business Centre with Tablet Workstations

By: Adam Swimmer

4 Min Read

27 Mar, 2022

While it’s more common to find desktop PCs in a hotel business centre, wall-mounted tablets may be a better choice for hoteliers that want a more contemporary look or have limited space. Pairing tablets with SimulCharge adapters can provide guests with a PC-like experience while maintaining the low cost and sleek visual appeal of a tablet-based installation. This article will look at integrating the eSynC-2UE adapter with tablets for a more modern business centre experience.

LAVA’s eSynC-2UE provides compatible USB-C Samsung mobile devices with SimulCharge (simultaneous charging and access to data), Ethernet and two USB-A ports for peripherals. As part of LAVA’s e series line, it also features RBM technology to allow the setup to be operational 24/7. RBM features Battery Modulation, Network Recovery and Screen Brightness Management. RBM works in tandem with the LAVA Tablet Manager (LTM) app, which you install on the tablet.

The eSynC-2UE’s Ethernet port provides a 10/100-capable wired network connection, which is more reliable and faster than Wi-Fi. A stable and fast connection lets hotel guests manage their personal and business online tasks with ease, including email, surfing the web and accessing social media. Taking advantage of the tablet’s webcam, guests could also make stable video calls.  If the connection does drop out for some reason, RBM’s Network Recovery feature automatically resets the Ethernet portion of the adapter to quickly re-establish the connection. No more need to call IT support to fix or troubleshoot the issue. Using Network Recovery is like unplugging the Ethernet cable and then plugging it back in, except that the process is automatic and no one has to physically touch any of the cables to activate it.

As Samsung tablets use Android, not Windows or macOS, the user interface won’t look entirely like a computer but the two USB-A ports can be used to attach a keyboard or mouse to simulate a PC experience with no major drawbacks to productivity.  If you wish to add additional peripherals, you can attach a USB hub to one of the adapter’s USB-A ports. That way, you could add a card reader for data logging/login access via hotel keycards or a local printer for customers to print out relevant documents like boarding passes. Of course, if the printer is on the network, then you wouldn’t need to connect it directly to the adapter, but this is where the wired Ethernet connection comes in handy – ensuring a stable connection to the printer.

The RBM-equipped adapter features Battery Modulation to protect the tablet’s battery from overcharging and bloating, which can cause severe damage to the device. In the LTM app, you can set upper and lower charging percentage thresholds. When the battery level hits the upper threshold, the adapter turns off charging and the tablet discharges until it hits the lower level.

Battery Modulation makes sure the battery is always below a full charge, extending the battery’s lifespan and the longevity of the tablet. This provides a better return on investment (ROI) as you don’t need to replace the tablets as often.

If your business centre isn’t open 24 hours a day, you can also take advantage of another RBM feature: Screen Brightness Management. The display is one of the greatest sources of heat for a mobile device so reducing its brightness can prevent overheating and prolong its life. Through the LTM app, you can set daytime and night-time brightness levels for the tablets. So you can adjust the display brightness to drop to a lower level after the business centre closes, thus reducing the heat generated by the tablets.

LAVA’s eSynC-2UE paired with a compatible Samsung tablet provides a compact, versatile solution for your hotel’s business centre. Its Ethernet port provides a reliable wired network connection for guests to check email and surf the web and its two USB-A ports can be used for a keyboard and mouse (or different peripherals) to give a PC-like experience.

The adapter’s RBM technology with Network Recovery, Battery Modulation and Screen Brightness Management allow the tablets to stay connected and operational continuously.

For more information about the eSynC-2UE, check out LAVA’s website.