What is LTM?

By: Adam Swimmer

3 Min Read

10 Oct, 2021

Previously, we’ve written about our e Series Simulcharge adapters and their accompanying features. In order to access these features, RBM-equipped adapters require the installation of the LAVA Tablet Manager (LTM) application on the mobile device.  But what exactly is the LTM app and what does it do?

LTM must be installed on a mobile device in order to access RBM and additional features found on eSynC and eSTS SimulCharge adapters. Battery Modulation technology ensures that the mobile device battery doesn’t overcharge which will degrade and reduce its capacity over time. In some cases, this can result in battery bloating where the battery physically expands to the point where the battery, mobile device, and even an enclosure/casing can be severely damaged. LTM and RBM equipped SimulCharge adapters work together to monitor and control the battery level of the mobile device, preserving the battery’s lifespan. The LTM app also gives the user access to additional features including Ethernet Recovery and Screen Brightness Management.

An RBM-equipped adapter needs the LTM app for Battery Modulation Technology to work. When configuring the app, the user chooses upper and lower charging limits for the mobile device’s battery modulate between (ex: 45% and 70%). The adapter communicates with the app to determine the charge level of the battery and ensures it stays within the preset levels. When the battery hits the higher limit, it will stop drawing power and begin to discharge. When the battery percentage falls to the lower charge limit, the battery will automatically begin to charge again.

The LTM app allows the user to configure the Network Recovery feature through LTM’s Ethernet Settings. This protects the mobile device from DHCP dropout and ensures that a reliable wired network connection is maintained. This is triggered when a mobile device loses network connection for more than a minute. LTM Ethernet settings also let the user configure how frequently it attempts to reconnect.

RBM-equipped adapters also include a Screen Brightness Management feature, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the mobile device for both day and night. This is accessed through the LTM app as well via the Brightness settings.

It is recommended to power cycle the LAVA product when you make changes in the LTM app. Disconnect the adapter from the power source and then reapply power.

The LTM app ensures RBM-equipped adapters operate as intended, guaranteeing optimal mobile device performance. You can download the latest version of the LTM app from the Google Play Store or through the LAVA Software Release Package (eSynC version/eSTS version), which includes copies of the manuals for the adapter.