What is Screen Brightness Management?

By: Jack Vanden Broek

2 Min Read

6 Sep, 2021

Like Battery Modulation and Network Recovery, Screen Brightness Management is another feature of RBM-equipped LAVA eSynC and eSTS SimulCharge adapters. It is included with the Lava Tablet Manager (LTM) app, which must be installed on the mobile device for RBM to work (the latest version of the LTM app is available on the Google Play Store). This article will explain what Screen Brightness Management is, and why it is an important feature.

As the name suggests, Screen Brightness Management lets you adjust the brightness of the display.  You can program the screen brightness to adjust itself to a specific percentage level at a preset time and have the option to schedule both a daytime and night-time screen brightness level.

While you do not need to enable Screen Brightness Management to use an RBM-equipped SimulCharge adapter, it is highly recommended to do so as it both reduces heat generation by the mobile device display and saves on battery life.

Often, setting a display to a brightness level of 85% to 90% won’t look much different to the naked eye than setting it at 100%, but it will significantly cut down on the heat produced by the screen. At night, a tablet’s display can usually be set much lower, at around 15%, and still be readable. Of course, if you don’t plan to use the tablet at night, you can set it so the display turns off completely. Excessive heat generation can damage the battery over time.

The display is also one of the biggest drains on a mobile device’s battery. In fact, if the screen is too bright it may drain the battery faster than the SimulCharge adapter can charge it, which means that eventually the battery would die even though it is plugged in. Therefore, Screen Brightness Management becomes a crucial feature to keep your mobile device running smoothly and ensure the longevity of its battery.

Now, you have a better understanding of the Screen Brightness Management feature located in the LTM app and why it is useful for maintaining the longevity of your battery and the operation of your mobile device.