Scaring the Neighbours: How LAVA Adapters Can Upgrade Your Haunted House

By: Adam Swimmer

2 Min Read

October 31, 2022

Halloween is here so it’s time to break out the scary costumes and spooky decorations to frighten off the trick-or-treaters. You can also take advantage of advancements in IoT technology and use smart lighting, speakers and other such devices to turn your home into a veritable haunted house.

Ideally, you will want to be able to control them all in one place. This article will show you how you can use an Android tablet and a LAVA SimulCharge adapter to turn up the scares in your home.

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Control your haunted house with a tablet

A tablet is a great choice to manage the smart devices in your home. Whether you are controlling devices directly over the same network connection via Bluetooth or indirectly through a hub (IoT devices often use a low-power wireless network, such as Zigbee), many devices have Android apps you can install on your tablet or phone.

Frighten your friends with smart devices

For Halloween, you can assign these smart devices different haunting tasks. You can turn lights on and off and play spooky sounds through the smart speakers to suggest ghosts are running rampant through the house. You can also randomly turn on a smart TV to show scary movies or video snow ala Poltergeist to scare people as they walk past.

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For extra effect, you can even use a smart thermostat to turn down the temperature to give your guests a bit of a haunting chill.

To do all this, you’ll want to ensure the tablet is in a good location to be able to communicate with the smart devices. If Wi-Fi is weak in certain areas of a home, it would be ideal to set up a wired network connection.

Upgrade the scares with a LAVA adapter

This is where LAVA comes in. Our SimulCharge adapters provide mobile devices with simultaneous charging and access to data and come in various port configurations. The nSynC-E, for example, provides compatible USB-C devices with wired Ethernet connectivity.

Ensure a reliable network connection

Using this adapter, you can set up the tablet or smartphone with a 10/100-capable wired network connection to the same network that the smart devices and/or hub connect to wirelessly. So even though the smart devices are wireless themselves, the wired connection to the tablet provides a more reliable line of communication.

Keep your tablet charged through the mayhem

The adapter will also ensure the mobile device’s battery doesn’t die throughout the evening. This all can be done in an out-of-the-way room in the house so as not to disturb the aesthetic of the haunted house.

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A tablet and a LAVA nSynC-E are a great combination to control smart devices and turn your home into a haunted house for Halloween. The adapter’s Ethernet port provides a stable wired network to the tablet while it connects wirelessly to the IoT hub or smart devices on the same network. The adapter also ensures the mobile device stays charged so it won’t die on you while you’re scaring your friends, neighbours and trick-or-treaters.

Check device compatibility before choosing your adapter. Find out more about the nSynC-E and other LAVA products on our website.

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