Take Your Tablet Installation On the Go

By: Adam Swimmer

3 Min Read

September 20, 2023

LAVA SimulCharge adapters provide compatible mobile devices with simultaneous charging and data – which makes them ideal for permanent tablet installations.

However, not all tablet installations are static. You may require the tablet to be used at different stations at your workplace. Or perhaps you need the tablet on your person throughout the day in order to complete tasks. A LAVA o Series adapter can help you achieve this goal.

Using your tablet on the go

If you are using a tablet while working in a factory or construction site, there’s a good chance you may need to walk around with it during the day. If you need to be able to access USB accessories at the same time, such as a barcode scanner to do inventory, you will need an OTG adapter to make the connection.

In OTG mode, the tablet can communicate and power USB accessories from its battery. Most OTG adapters are designed to work only in this manner. So if the tablet’s battery runs low or you need to use it at a station that has access to an electrical outlet or other AC power source, you could run into problems. To charge the tablet, you would need to unplug it from the adapter first. So while it is running off of an external power source, you would lose access to the USB accessories.

Not your standard OTG adapter

However, LAVA’s o Series adapters are different. While they have OTG capabilities, they are also Enterprise SimulCharge adapters. This means that when they are connected to an external power source, they can charge the mobile device and provide it access to data from peripherals at the same time.

Our o Series line consists of board-only adapters to allow for greater versatility. You can take the PCB and incorporate it directly into your own enclosure for a more portable solution. If you need to connect to peripherals, you can either build them directly into an enclosure or connect to external ones.

The oSynC-3U OTG, available on LAVA’s website, was designed with three micro USB ports for connecting peripherals for compactness. However, if you need a different configuration, contact our sales team and they will be happy to work out a solution that best works for you.

Resurrecting your tablet’s dead battery

LAVA’s o Series adapters also feature a unique LAVA technology – True Dead Battery Mode. When a tablet’s battery goes completely dead, it can become difficult to charge. True Dead Battery Mode is a safeguard that ensures your tablet charges no matter what condition the device’s battery is in.

It’s an automated feature that only activates when required. Generally, the adapter works in SimulCharge mode when it is connected to power. You will not have access to peripherals while in True Dead Battery Mode but, in most cases, it only needs to runs for five minutes. To discover more about this technology, check out this blog.

LAVA’s o Series brings OTG and SimulCharge together

If you want to take your tablet installation on the go, you have to go OTG. Most OTG adapters only work when they’re powered by the tablets. However, LAVA’s o Series adapters can also work when connected to external power. This allows them to charge the tablet and provide it access to accessories simultaneously.

Learn more about the o Series line at LAVA’s website or contact sales at sales@lavalink.com or 416-674-5942.

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(Unsplash Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova)