True Dead Battery Mode

True Dead Battery Mode is a mode innovated by LAVA that allows mobile devices, such as tablets or phones, to charge when their batteries are completely drained of power.

dead battery or a battery drained of power

Have you noticed that when your mobile device is “dead,” it still has power to tell you the battery is dead?

When a mobile device tells you its battery has a 0% charge, it isn’t actually completely dead. However, if you leave it out, eventually it will drain the remaining energy. Then, if you try to charge it through a powered hub or adapter, you may not be able to. This is because it needs a small amount of power to negotiate a power contract. Before you discard your "dead" devices, try LAVA's True Dead Battery Mode solution.

Our Solution

True Dead Battery Mode allows a mobile device to charge when its battery is completely drained.

Built into the oSynC-3U OTG , True Dead Battery Mode temporarily cuts off digital communication with the mobile device. It acts as a dedicated charging port so the tablet or phone can get enough of a charge to negotiate a power contract with the adapter and switch into SimulChargeTM mode.


Step One.

If the mobile device does not have enough of a charge to negotiate a power contract, the adapter will automatically switch to True Dead Battery Mode. The MUX USB data lines are shorted so the adapter doesn’t enumerate the adapter’s USB ports, so as not to drain any of the charge coming in.


Step Two.

The adapter will charge the adapter in True Dead Battery Mode for 5 minutes, then it will attempt to negotiate a power contract with the mobile device.


Step Three.

If a power contract is reached, the adapter will switch to SimulCharge™ mode, where the mobile device can simultaneously charge and access the data from the adapter and its peripherals.

If it failed to negotiate a power contract, the adapter will stay in True Dead Battery Mode for additional 5 minutes before attempting it again. This cycle continues until the power contract between the mobile device is successful.

True Dead Battery Mode and SimulChargeTM Technology

Together, True Dead Battery Mode and SimulCharge™ ensure your tablet kiosk, digital signage or other mobile device-powered setup works in a reliable and effective manner – even if it sits in storage for part of the year. LAVA technologies are designed and manufactured to enable the best mobile experience.

LAVA Computers MFG. Inc. is a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Silver-Tier Partner and a KNOX Partner.