• Adds two wireless network-enabled RS-232 RJ-45 serial ports to any 802.11a/b/g Ethernet network
  • Serial ports support 115.2 kbps throughput rate (per port)
  • Serial ports easily configurable as Com 1 through Com 255
  • Serial ports can supply 5VDC or 12VDC for devices obtaining their power over the serial port
  • Wireless Ethernet operation in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes
  • Data encryption modes: WEP (64-bit), WEP (128-bit), WPA (TKIP), and WPA2 (AES)
  • Includes LAVA Ether Link Manager software that makes this the easiest device in its category to install and use
  • Makes serial devices available to multiple users
  • Makes one PC capable of managing hundreds of serial ports, even remotely
  • Eliminates using costly PCs as dedicated serial device servers

System Requirements


802.11a/b/g Wireless Ethernet interface

Windows Driver Mode serial port:

Win 8, Win 7, Server 2008, Win XP (32-bit), 2000 (32-bit), Linux

Raw Server, Raw Client, Data Connect, Ethernet Modem, RFC 2217 serial port modes: all operating systems

Ports & Connectors:

Two RJ-45 serial ports

One power connector

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 1.102311 lb


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