Recovery Battery Modulation (RBM)


Recovery Battery Modulation (RBM) ) is a feature that facilitates battery modulation and network recovery, which improves a tablet’s longevity and guarantees a robust network connection.


RBM is a feature that combines two modes, battery modulation and network recovery.
Battery modulation ensures that your tablet’s battery charges in between two set points. Specifically, the tablet repetitively charges to an upper set point battery level and then discharges to a lower set point battery level. A tablet that is always charging is overcharging which can cause a battery to physically expand and fail.

Mimicking the standard charge cycles of a tablet, battery modulation ensures power is drained then reloaded which prevents overcharging, stops batteries from bloating, and extends the life of your tablet.
Network recovery enables automatic tablet recovery from failed attempts to connect to the network. It eliminates the issues with establishing a network address (TCP/IP address) for the tablet from a DHCP.

RBM helps you protect your tablet from overcharging and bloated batteries.

Increased longevity means a better ROI, while your tablet through Simulcharge continues to do, what you need it to.

Make your tablet kiosk lasts longer

Enable Battery Modulation with LAVA eSTS products to protect your tablet kiosk from overcharging.

RBM and SimulCharge Technology

The technology that enables possibilities. RBM, the extension that makes them last.

Together Simulcharge and RBM are innovations that ensure your tablet kiosk, can reliably, effectively and dependably serve the functions you need it to. LAVA technologies are designed and manufactured to enable the best tablet kiosk experience.

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