LAVA e Series Adapter Overview

By: Adam Swimmer

3 Min Read

3 Oct, 2021

SimulCharge Technology

SimulCharge technology allows select mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to charge while simultaneously communicating with USB peripherals.

With SimulCharge adapters, users can connect wired Ethernet or USB devices (printers, scanners etc.) to their tablets, without interrupting charging or choosing between power-only and peripherals. eSTS adapters are available with up to three USB-A ports while the eSynC adapters have up to five.

SimulCharge adapters can come with various features such as wired Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) for passing electrical power and data through a single network cable, USB ports for peripherals, and a voltage converter, which steps down an input voltage to a device friendly level when connected to a high voltage power source.

SimulCharge adapters are available as both standalone devices and as OEM products without an enclosure.

Network Recovery Battery Modulation (RBM)

RBM is a dual-hardware solution that provides Battery Modulation, network recovery and screen brightness management.

Battery Modulation

Battery Modulation is an automated process used to keep the mobile device’s battery from overcharging, which will degrade the battery’s energy holding capacity and lead to bloating over time. It can also cause severe damage to both the battery and mobile device, if left unchecked.

LAVA’s Battery Modulation (BM) technology charges the battery to a preset threshold (recommended 70%) and then lets the battery drain to a preset lower limit (recommended 45%) before starting the charge again. RBM-equipped adapters require LAVA Tablet Management (LTM) software installed on the tablet to precisely determine and communicate the actual charge of the battery.

Network Recovery

Many of LAVA’s eSTS and eSynC adapters offer wired Ethernet connections. Ethernet-supported devices connect use either a static IP address (the user must manually assign an IP address for the device) or a dynamic one (where the IP is dynamically assigned).

If the wired network connection drops out or the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) request times out, the Recovery feature automatically resets the Ethernet portion of the adapter after a few minutes so the connection can be restored. This is the equivalent of unplugging and reconnecting the Ethernet cable or adapter and ensures a stable 24/7 connection is achieved.

Screen Brightness Management

This feature controls screen brightness to decrease heat generation from the display, which can lead to battery damage over time.The screen is one of the greatest generators of heat within the mobile device.

Within the LTM app, the user can select brightness settings for both daytime and night-time operations and indicate when to switch between the two modes.

e Series adapters

Here is a list of available SimulCharge adapters in LAVA’s e series line:

For more information about the eSTS and eSynC devices and other SimulCharge product families, please visit our website.