The Unveiling: LAVA adapts to the changing tablet kiosk market with LAVASync for USB-C

By: Jack Vanden Broek

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13 Apr, 2018

The Unveiling – LAVA Computer MFG attends DSE 2018, and launches its most advanced adapter yet, the LAVASYNC USB-C, and ushers in the next generation of enterprise Simulcharge connectivity

If you attended the 2018 DSE Expo in Las Vegas, you undoubtedly heard the buzz about one of the most innovative products on the floor, the LAVASync Adapter.

The excitement at LAVA about our newest line of adapters, the LAVASync, was palpable and shared with many interested attendees. These are our first USB-C compatible adapters that will bring our existing technologies of Simulcharge and Battery Modulation, into the USB-C mobile device space. That’s right; our adapters will continue to service Samsung tablets but are now compatible with many phones and tablets, operating on the USB-C spectrum.

We additionally highlighted our other wide range of adapters that can transform tablets, which are fundamentally consumer products, into commercially viable tablet kiosk applications. Even though the LAVASync adapter stole the show, there was still massive interest in our nSTS and eSTS adapters.  As a reminder:

  • nSTS – offers standard simultaneous charging and support for multiple USB accessories. It comes with Docking Detect functionality, which means you can plug and unplug tablets at will, without having to initiate power sequences.
  • eSTS – in addition to Simulcharge, offers Battery Modulation and Network Recovery. A must-have in 24/7 charging settings. The eSTS software prevents the overcharging and swelling of lithium-ion batteries, extending the lifetime of tablets from 1 year, to up to 3.

Don’t forget, that all our adapters, LAVASync, nSTS and eSTS, come with multiple configuration options of up to 3 USB ports, PoE, Ethernet and voltage converter. At the DSE, we tailored to a wide range of potential clients, and were happy to reinforce the message, that in an age of increasingly, bold and outrageously expensive digital signage, tablets can be relied on as affordable and effective solutions. And most importantly, that if you choose tablets as a solution, our adapters, can broaden and protect; introduce limitless business possibilities and ensure that your set-up is durable and long-lasting.

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