1-Port USB OTG Adapter for Samsung Micro USB Mobile Devices

$39.99/Web Price

The TL-002 provides compatible Samsung Micro USB mobile devices* with SimulCharge™ and one USB-A port for a peripheral.

SimulCharge™ ensures the mobile device can simultaneously access the adapter’s wired network connection and any USB peripherals attached to the adapter while it is charging. The portable adapter also features an OTG mode, which allows you to use it without a separate power source.

How the TL-002 OTG Adapter Works

The TL-002 adapter provides compatible Samsung Micro USB mobile devices* with simultaneous charging and access to data (SimulCharge™). It features one USB-A port for a peripheral and an OTG mode for when it is not plugged in.

The TL-002’s USB-A port allows you to connect a peripheral, such as a keyboard or mouse, to get more functionality out of your mobile device.

OTG Mode for Portability

The small adapter can easily be carried around in your pocket and it features an OTG mode. Like with SimulCharge™, the mobile device remains as USB Host so it can communicate with peripherals. However, unlike SimulCharge™, OTG mode lets the mobile device to power the peripherals from its own battery. This allows you to use the TL-002 without an external AC power source.

The adapter comes in a black ABS casing that protects the electronics from mild shocks and impacts, allowing it to be used in different implementations. It ships with a Micro USB to Micro USB cable to connect the mobile device. This custom LAVA cable must not be extended or replaced with a third-party one. Doing so will cause the mobile device to stop working.

The Micro USB power port is rated for the standard 5 volts at 2 amps. It is recommended to use the charging cable that came with the mobile device**.

*The TL-002 is not compatible with all Samsung Micro USB mobile devices. Please see the list of tested devices.
**A separate power supply is not included.


System Requirements

5V at 2A.
USB charger/power supply with a USB-C connector, such as the power supply provided with the mobile device. Any regulated 5-volt power supply capable of at least 2 amperes can be used.
Compatibility List



USB Host operation while charging (SimulCharge™)
OTG Mode
1 x USB-A port
No mobile device rooting required
LAVA Limited Warranty

Use Cases

Work From Home Tablet Setup
Compact Check-In Kiosk
Portable Tractor Guidance System
Portable POS System
Tablet-Based Home Entertainment System