Legacy Plug-and-Play Battery Modulation Adapter

Legacy Product - Discontinued

The PhoneFuse is a consumer LAVA product that protects your mobile device from overcharging and battery bloating. It features LAVA’s plug-and-play Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM), also found in LAVA’s Enterprise u Series SimulCharge adapters. CABM extends the lifespan of the battery and the device itself.

Note: The PhoneFuse is a discontinued LAVA product. If you are looking for an adapter with similar functionality, please check out the Charge-Check, which also provides CABM.

How the PhoneFuse Protects Your Battery From Overcharging and Bloating

The PhoneFuse provides overcharge protection through CABM technology to mobile devices. Requiring no software, CABM monitors the mobile device as it charges. When the current slows (indicating the device is near a full charge), the adapter disconnects charging power to the mobile device. The mobile device can still communicate with the USB port, but the mobile device’s battery is allowed to discharge.

The length of time between charging cycles can be configured using a black button on the top of the PhoneFuse. This modulation and overcharge protection helps extend the lifespan of both the battery and device. The PhoneFuse is compatible with all Lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and tablets, regardless of manufacturer, as long as they use a 5V USB charger. It can be used with mobile devices with Micro USB, USB-C or Lightning charging ports.