Tablet and phone firmware can vary between geographical markets for a given make and model of a device. The compatibilities presented below represent the results of LAVA’s testing of North American firmware unless indicated otherwise. LAVA recommends testing before large-scale deployments to ensure successful operation.

oSynC Tested Compatibile Device List:

Note: The current list reflects updates issued from Lenovo and Samsung and tested by LAVA.

The oSynC boards are available in two different versions. The hardware is the same in both but different firmware versions are required as not all mobile devices can handle power swaps the same way.

Please see the compatibility lists below for the two firmware versions below. If you do not see your mobile device listed, give us a call at 1-800-241-5282.

If you loan us your tablet or smartphone, we can test it for compatibility with the oSynC series and our other lines of adapters free of charge.

Firmware V3.01

Model Number Device Name Screen Size (in) Notes
SM-P610 Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 -
SM-G715U1 Galaxy XCover Pro 6.3 -
SM-A205W Galaxy A20 6.4 -
SM-T577U Galaxy Tab Active3 8 -
SM-T390 Galaxy Tab Active2 8 -
SM-T397U Galaxy Tab Active2 (LTE) 8 -
SM-T540 Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1 -
SM-T720 Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 -
SM-T820 Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 -
SM-G960W Galaxy S9 5.8 -
SM-S908W Galaxy S22 Ultra 6.8 -
SM-G991W Galaxy S21 5G 6.1 -
SM-G985F Galaxy S20+ 6.7 -
SM-X200 Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 1

Firmware V3.02

Model Number Device Name Screen Size (in) Notes
TB-X6C6F Lenovo Tab K10 10.3 -
SM-A125W Galaxy A12 6.5 -

1. The mobile device requires Android 12 or later to work with an oSynC adapter running Firmware V1.01. If the device is running an earlier version of Android, please use an oSynC adapter with Firmware V1.02. If you are unsure which one to purchase, contact LAVA by phone (1-800-241-5282) or by email ( for more information.

LAVA only has limited access to models for internal testing. A tablet integrator must perform a verification of the tablet model and build targeted for their application. LAVA will assist in the testing of other tablets provided a sample tablet is made available. The sample tablet must be delivered with the intended build already installed.

The tablet features used by the LAVA products are not universal across the Samsung and Lenovo mobile device lines. Samsung and Lenovo tailor their tablet firmware to a world region or country. Tablet versions created by Samsung and Lenovo for mobile carriers do not behave the same as the standard products. You must verify the behavior of the model of tablet and firmware build to be used before committing to any deployment.