Designed for the Lenovo Tab K10 Batteryless (TB-X6C6NB), the nSynC-vc3U K10 Batteryless provides power and data together with SimulCharge™ technology. This product features a voltage converter and three USB-A ports for peripherals. The voltage converter can take a DC power input between 15 and 36 volts. It then negotiates a 12-volt power contract with the tablet. When a 36-volt power supply is used, you can power the device at a distance. Docking Detect ensures the “greeting” protocols between the adapter and tablet are executed correctly every time they are connected. The adapter is ideal for automotive applications.

Features & Details

  • For Lenovo Tab K10 Batteryless (TB-X6C6NB)
  • Includes DC-DC voltage converter and 3x USB-A ports
  • Docking Detect
  • Can be used with 24-volt electrical systems (e.g. motor vehicles)
  • Requires 15-36-volt DC power supply with 2 mm centre pin positive barrel jack connector
  • USB-C to USB-C cable available but not included
Made in Canada Made in Canada
100% Quality Tested Quality Tested
100% Quality Tested Docking Detect
100% Quality Tested LAVA Limited Warranty

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