Docking Detect

Consistent Reliable Connections

Docking Detect ensures that LAVA's n Series SimulCharge™ adapters establish a proper communications link with the mobile device each and every time the two are connected

Are your mobile device’s peripherals dropping out?

With a LAVA SimulCharge™ adapter, the mobile device is able to remain USB Host while it charges. This means it can still have access to any peripherals plugged into the adapter. However, when the two devices are plugged in together, it's possible that the initial communication between them, the so-called handshake or greeting protocols, don't initiate properly. The connection can also drop out if it's plugged in for a long period of time. Normally, you would need to unplug the mobile device and plug it back in to properly re-establish the connection. At LAVA, we have better ideas.

LAVA SimulCharge Docking Detect adapter technology

Our Solution

Docking Detect ensures the “greeting” protocols between the mobile device and adapter are executed consistently and correctly every time they are plugged in. Built into LAVA’s n and u Series enterprise SimulCharge™ adapters, the hardware-driven technology automatically connects the mobile device to data and power every time it is plugged in.

How It Works

Docking Detect is a plug-and-play battery modulation technology that requires no additional software or hardware to operate. It ensures a reliable connection between the adapter and mobile device.


A Virtual Handshake.

Docking Detect is a plug-and-play technology that requires no additional software or hardware to operate. Every time the mobile device is plugged into a SimulCharge™ adapter, the “greeting” protocols are initiated between the two devices. Docking Detect ensures this process works properly.


Reliable Peripheral Connection.

The technology is a safeguard to ensure the adapter properly initiates SimulCharge™ mode, which allows the mobile device remain in USB Host mode when it is connected so it can charge and have access to peripherals at the same time.


Connect and Forget.

Docking Detect maintains a reliable connection between the adapter and mobile device until they are unplugged from one another. This allows the mobile device to be used in a kiosk, digital signage or other permanent installation without fear of it losing its connection to the peripherals or network.

A World of Peripherals

With Simulcharge™ your tablet can open up a world of possibilities by supporting USB accessories such as:

  • Wired Ethernet
  • NFC Reader
  • MagStripe Reader
  • 2D Scanner
  • Biometric Input Device
  • GPS Tracker
  • Printer
  • Scale
  • Digital Camera
  • Pulse Counter
  • USB-to-Serial Adapter
  • Momentary Switch (button)
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • USB Hard Drive
  • Flash Drive
  • Media Reader
  • Gaming Controller
tablet connected to multiple USB peripherals through a LAVA SimulCharge adapter

Docking Detect and SimulChargeTM Technology

Together, SimulCharge™ and Docking Detect allow the mobile device to be used reliably in a kiosk, digital signage or other permanent installation. All LAVA technologies are manufactured in house and designed to enable the best mobile experiences.

LAVA Computers MFG. Inc. is a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Silver-Tier Partner and a KNOX Partner.