Network Recovery & Battery Modulation

Built into LAVA's e Series family of adapters, RBM or Network Recovery & Battery Modulation technology delivers top-tier performance & robust battery protection.

Does your battery life decline faster than you would like it to?

Do you leave your mobile device plugged in for long stretches of time? Overcharging a Lithium-Ion battery in the short term can lead to a reduced battery capacity. However, over the long term, as would be the case in a permanent installation, this leads to serious conseuqnces. It strains the battery and causes ion decomposition, battery swelling and, ultimately, damage to your device.

Modulating your battery is the best way to protect it.

Ever had your wired network connection drop out, even though it was plugged-in?

When your wired network connection drops out, your device repeats a request to reconnect for 30-60 seconds. However, if it still fails to reconnect after this time, no further attempt is made. That's when you have to unplug your cable and plug it back in again. Annoying, but not a big deal, right? Well, in a permanent installation where you can't easily access the cable, this can cause quite the disruption.

Network Recovery technology acts as your failsafe.

Our Solution

RBM Network Recovery + Battery Modulation

RBM is a combination hardware/software solution that leverages LAVA's Tablet Manager app (LTM), installed on the mobile device. For reliable performance with a wired Ethernet connection, this app monitors the network connectivity. If the connection ever drops out, it would remind your device to re-establish it. This is akin to unplugging and plugging it back in. For ultimate battery protection, this technology modulates between an upper and a lower charge parameter when charging you device. This protects the battery from overcharging and swelling, adding years to the life of your device.

Increased longevity means a better ROI. In the meantime, SimulChargeTM ensures that your device continues to do exactly what you need it to.

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How Battery Modulation Works

Battery Modulation ensures the mobile device’s battery never overcharges, which prolongs it lifespan

Step One.

Install the LTM app onto the mobile device. It is available both through the Google Play Store and as part of the LAVA Software Release Package, which includes a copy of the Installation Manual for your eSynC or eSTS adapter.

Step Two.

Go into the Battery Modulation Settings in the LTM app and configure the Upper Charge Boundary and Lower Charge Boundary. These settings indicate in percentages the range of which the mobile device’s battery will charge.

RBM Battery Modulation Battery Protection Step One

Plug In.

The LTM app will monitor the mobile device’s battery level. When its battery level reaches the configured Upper Charge Boundary, the app will send a command to the adapter to turn off charging.

RBM Battery Modulation battery protection step two

Keep Plugged In.

The adapter will then let the mobile device discharge until it hits the Lower Charge Boundary, where the app will send another command to restart charging.

RBM Battery Modulation battery protection step three


Mimicking the standard charge cycles of a tablet, battery modulation ensures power is drained then reloaded which prevents overcharging, stops batteries from bloating, and extends the life of your tablet.

How Network Recovery Works

Network Recovery helps ensure reliable network communications over a TCP/IP-based Ethernet connection. It eliminates common faults which can occur while using DHCP to manage the TCP/IP network address

Step One.

Install the LTM app onto the mobile device. It is available both through the Google Play Store and as part of the LAVA Software Release Package, which includes a copy of the Installation Manual for your eSynC or eSTS adapter.

Step Two.

Go into the app’s Ethernet Settings to configure Network Recovery Mode. The app lets you select the amount of time it should wait after a dropped connection to attempt a reset.


When a network connection has been unavailable for the time interval configured in the LTM app, it tells the RBM-equipped adapter to reset the network connection. It’s the equivalent to physically unplugging and reconnecting the Ethernet cable or adapter.


RBM is distinct from Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM), which is found in LAVA’s u Series SimulCharge™ adapters and the Charge-Check

RBM vs CABM LAVA Battery Modulation for Lithium-Ion battery protection

While both offer battery protection, CABM is a plug-and-play technology, meaning it requires no extra software to run. RBM must be configured through an accompanying LAVA Tablet Manager (LTM) Android app, making it slightly more involved to set up but more robust. RBM also features Network Recovery that can rescue a dropped wired Ethernet connection.

CABM Technology

RBM and SimulChargeTM Technology

SimulCharge™ is the technology that enables possibilities. RBM is the extension that makes them last.

Together, SimulCharge™ and RBM are innovations that ensure your tablet can reliably, effectively and dependably serve the functions you need it to. LAVA technologies are designed and manufactured to enable the best tablet kiosk experience.

LAVA Computers MFG. Inc. is a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Silver-Tier Partner and a KNOX Partner.

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