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oSynC-3U OTG

Version 3.01

$99.99 / Web Price

oSynC-3U OTG

Version 3.02

$99.99 / Web Price

A compact board-only adapter, the oSynC-3U OTG enables two modes of operation. In SimulCharge™ mode it allows you to access simultaneous power and data. Alternatively, in OTG mode the adapter will run off the device's own battery. This adapter features three micro USB ports for peripherals as well as Docking Detect and True Dead Battery Mode for built-in reliability. Docking Detect ensures that "greeting" protocols are always correctly executed between the adapter and your tablet. Meanwhile, True Dead Battery Mode allows you to successfully charge your device, even if it's completely depleted of power.

Features & Details

  • For compatible USB-C devices
  • Compact (no casing)
  • Switch between SimulCharge™ and OTG modes
  • Includes 3x micro USB ports (for peripherals)
  • True Dead Battery Mode
  • Docking Detect
  • Requires micro USB power supply capable of at least 5V, 2A
  • USB-C to USB-C cable available but not included
  • To-tablet cable should be no longer than 5ft (1.5m)
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Made in Canada Made in Canada
100% Quality Tested Quality Tested
100% Quality Tested OTG
100% Quality Tested True Dead Battery Mode
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