A PoE splitter, the uRaven-C takes in Power over Ethernet and splits it into separate power and Ethernet lines. It features one USB-C port for charging USB-C devices and an Ethernet port for a wired network connection. With built-in flexibility, PoE offers reliable power at a distance. The adapter may be installed up to 328ft (100m) away from the power supply, without an electrician. What's more, this adapter features plug-and-play Battery Modulation technology. This prevents under and overcharging and extends the lifespan of your device. Capable of both regular (5-volt) and fast (9-volt) charging, this family of adapters is perfect for permanent installations.

Features & Details

  • For powering compatible USB-C devices
  • 9-volt fast charging or 5-volt standard charging
  • Includes Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Ethernet
  • 10/100-capable network connection (for secondary device with LAN port)
  • Features Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM)
  • Up to 328ft (100m) from power source
  • 10.4 watts of charging power
  • Requires CAT5/5e/6 Ethernet cable
  • Requires a PoE injector or switch capable of a minimum 15-watt output
  • USB-C to USB-C cable available but not included
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Made in Canada Made in Canada
100% Quality Tested Quality Tested
100% Quality Tested Battery Modulation (CABM)
100% Quality Tested LAVA Limited Warranty

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