SimulCharge, 1 x USB with CABM for Samsung Micro USB mobile devices

$64.99 / Web Price

The LAVA uSTS-1U MINI adapter is a SimulCharge adapter designed for use with select Micro USB Samsung tablets and smartphones. The adapter is compact, easily portable and comes with one USB-A port for attaching a peripheral, such as a scanner or card reader. It also features Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM) technology to protect the lithium battery from overcharging and bloating, which can cause irreparable harm to the device. The uSTS-1U MINI is ideal for commercial applications where portability and battery protection are paramount.

How the uSTS-1U MINI Works

The uSTS-1U MINI can be used in various industries where a compact adapter with a casing is desired to help keep mobile devices charged and protected from overcharging. In the medical field, for example, the adapter can be connected to a tablet with patient information or other clinical data. A USB peripheral, such as a scanner or blood pressure cuff, can be attached to perform checkups on the patient. The device’s small form factor also makes it portable so it can be shipped alongside a tablet to far-flung locations. It also adds very little weight and can easily be added to a go bag if you’re on the move.

Plug-and-Play Battery Protection

The adapter also features CABM technology, which is designed to protect the mobile device from overcharging and its battery from bloating. CABM is a plug-and-play form of Battery Modulation. It works out of the box and requires no additional software to run, making it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical background.

CABM monitors the mobile device as it charges and when the current slows, indicating the device is near a full charge, the adapter disconnects charging power to the mobile device. The mobile device can still communicate with the USB port but the mobile device’s battery is allowed to discharge. After a preset number of hours, the mobile device will begin to charge again. This allows users to keep the mobile device plugged in for extended periods of time without fear of damaging its battery.

Reliable Device Connection

Docking Detect ensures the “greeting” protocols between the SimulCharge™ adapter and mobile device are executed correctly and consistently every time they are connected. This allows the adapter to be a plug-and-play technology that ensures the mobile device always operates in USB Host mode.

The uSTS-1U MINI comes with two Micro USB-B ports, one to connect to the mobile device, the other to connect to the power source. Any regulated 5-volt power supply capable of minimum 2 amperes can be used but it is recommended that the power supply and cable provided with the mobile device be used to power the adapter.

*The uSTS-1U MINI ships with a custom Micro USB-B to Micro USB-B cable. The cable must not be extended.





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