A voltage converter adapter for tablets, the eSynC-vc1U leverages our SimulCharge™ technology to provide power and data, simultaneously. The voltage converter (VC) takes in 9-36 volts and steps it down to a device-friendly 5 volts. This is ideal for automotive as well as distance applications. VC adapters may be installed up to 50ft (15m) away from the power source, without an electrician. This adapter includes one USB-A port and Battery Modulation for battery protection. Designed for 24/7 installations, an e Series adapter like the eSynC-vc1U is demonstrated to extend your battery health to up to five years, even in heavy-use environments. That will make your tablet last more than 2.6 times longer than using another adapter!

Features & Details

  • For compatible USB-C devices
  • Includes DC-DC voltage converter adapter, Ethernet and 1x USB-A port
  • Up to 50ft (15m) from power source
  • Features RBM’s Battery Modulation and Screen Brightness Management
  • Requires LTM – LAVA Tablet Manager (free Android app)
  • Features a secondary power source option in 5-volt USB-C
  • Can be used with 12- and 24-volt electrical systems (e.g. motor vehicles)
  • Requires 9-36-volt DC power supply with 2mm centre pin positive barrel jack connector
  • USB-C to USB-C cable available but not included
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Made in Canada Made in Canada
100% Quality Tested Quality Tested
100% Quality Tested Battery Modulation (RBM)
100% Quality Tested Network Recovery
100% Quality Tested LAVA Limited Warranty

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