K-SynC™ EK-SynC™ E

K-SynC™ E

Ad-Hoc SimulCharge™ adapter for
mobile devices.

The K-SynC™ is a custom-built Ethernet adapter that provides ad-hoc SimulCharge™ Mode for USB-C mobile devices that are incompatible with LAVA’s standard COTS adapters. SimulCharge provides simultaneous charging and access to data but requires that the USB-C PD specification be implemented on the tablet to work with USB-C tablets.

In contrast, the K-SynC™ E charges and provides access to data in intervals, making the adapters compatible with any USB-C mobile device capable of OTG. This makes the adapter ideal for retail and other commercial implementations where the mobile device needs to charge and receive updates off hours. The adapter’s 10/100-capable Ethernet port provides a fast and reliable network connection and can be used in environments where Wi-Fi doesn’t work well.

The Story Behind the Adapter

LAVA built the K-SynC™ E for a retail customer for use with Lenovo tablets that were incompatible with our SimulCharge™ adapters, as they lacked the USB-C PD specification.  Set up at demo booths in the home entertainment departments of the stores, the tablets needed an internet connection to receive updates as well as a charging solution for 24/7 tablet use.

The K-SynC™ E’s ad-hoc SimulCharge™ mode was the solution. Its PCB needs to be wired to an external control box or button, which can send a signal to the adapter. When the signal is turned on, the mobile device goes into OTG mode, where it can access the network via a wired Ethernet connection. When the signal stops, the mobile device will switch into a charge-only mode (default) to recharge the battery.

Read the full story behind the K-SynC™ E on the LAVA Blog.


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